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What My Work’s About

Healing as an adventure back to ourselves.
Because reclaiming our health is rarely a straight and narrow path and we get to learn all about ourselves along the way.  My work’s about enhancing all the ways which healing requires we grow bigger — while leveraging our Inner Child in the process.
The right foods are crucial, yet being healthy is also about how we eat, why we eat, and what we really value in life.

I believe many of us could use freedom from chronic health symptoms that we live with but don’t understand.  We could ALL use less domestication and more wildness and curiosity. We could use a daily sense of adventure and more chances to be brave.  I believe that our chronic health epidemic is a serious problem, requiring creative solutions.  This is where our Inner Child is essential.  Eating and food-related illnesses are at an all-time high and I’ve lived through these struggles to learn some things.  Most of us have lost touch with the biological rhythms and uncensored voices which governed our own childhoods and fueled our resilience.

My work is all about getting us back to these rhythms, these voices, and this resilience.  With the right foods, of course.

My work is about Root Cause Healing and lifestyle medicine — implemented through daily habits.  Connecting the dots between the emotional and the biological, the scientific and the creative, the anecdotal and the clinical. I believe that healing from all chronic illness ought to be experienced as a profound adventure back to our own unique biologies.

I believe we’re not here to fight daily with cravings, premature aging, and health symptoms.  And if we look ourselves in the eyes and get real, we’ll admit that we want to heal, upgrade our health, and feel our best.

My work as your health coach is to guide you back to feeling your best, starting at the roots.

Life’s One Big

Epic Adventure

Healing is too

Where are you right now?

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Whether in one session or ongoing, we’ll be partners in your growth and healing — committed to understanding your symptoms and behavioral patterns and outlining some steps to move you forward.


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Wild Child Manifesto

We can be wild while still living a modern life.

We can be an Adult while still seeing life through a child’s eyes and a child’s heart.

We have a right to access our innate creativity and passion.

We have unlimited emotional depth and potential.

We have a right to choose what our success looks like.

We’re courageous and willing to create our own rules when the old rules don’t apply.

We’re curious, and open to questioning EVERYTHING.

We have an inherent need to play and can bring this element into everything we do.

We love our bodies and know the importance of pleasure and physical expression.

We have a right to vibrant health and strength – at any age.

We honor our ancestry and our elders and respect the wisdom inherent in their stories.

We love being animals and use this to our advantage.

We can be sophisticated while still keeping our wildness intact.

We’re here to love, to be real, and to impact the world with our truth.

We are health Explorers.


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