Exploring our own health symptoms can feel daunting

If you’re needing support in getting the ball rolling with your healthcare goals, you’ve come to the right place.

In my laser sessions, we’ll go over your history, symptoms, habits, and goals and get laser focused on what needs priority.  And you’ll walk away with clear on some key action steps to take — whether that be continuing our work together, seeing a doctor for labs, or simply changing up your diet and lifestyle.

Some of the health topics

We might focus on

Natural Appetite Regulation.  Understanding the root of cravings and compulsions around food.  There are biochemical, emotional, and behavioral components to cravings and appetite.  Some learned through personal experience, some hard-wired to our species.  We can look at all of these and decipher which ones have you most tripped up.

Examining skin problems.  Such as ACNE, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, premature agin, etc..  Healing these issues is both an inside and an outside job and we can look at the diet and lifestyle choices which might offer you the most relief and progress.

Biology 101. Getting a quick yet deep run-down on how any system in the body may be impacting your health and playing out in your symptoms

Personal Eating Psychology/Eating Pattern Examination – past and present.  Whether disorderly or not, our eating patterns provide pertinent information into our deeper desires, beliefs, feelings, etc.

A Health Introductory – deep-dive into functional medicine, ancestral health, evolutionary theories of health and behavior, or any science topic you’d like to address with someone who loves her research.

Blood Sugar 101.  We’ll discuss the crucial roles blood-sugar plays in all health and ill-health, how it works, how it can become imbalanced, the various imbalances which manifest, and how to reverse these imbalances through diet and lifestyle

Hormone regulation 101.  A run-down on how hormones work and which ones are probably disrupted based on your symptoms.  Along with ways to balance hormones using diet and lifestyle changes.  These include stress and circadian hormones, sex and cyclical hormones, and hormones which regulate appetite and blood-sugar.

THE GUT.  I can explain the important role our gut plays in EVERY aspect of health and dis-ease and the diets which have proven to best heal the gut, dialing in a dietary template to try out based on your body and it’s symptoms.

HOLISTIC DENTISTRY. Oral biology, and DIY dental hygiene products.

INNER CHILD WORK.  What it is, why it’s so important, and various rituals to get you in touch with your greatest ally in healing – your Inner Child.

RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS. Attachments styles, partnership, love languages, sexuality – how they all contribute to health or illness.

TRAUMA AND ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS.  Whether it be food, substance, or relationship. They all affect our health.

How my sessions play out:

Single health Consults run about 1 hour.

All sessions booked at the bottom this page upon scheduling.

Financial Investment per session: $100

We will meet digitally – via skype or phone, unless you happen to live in my region and can book me for the limited in-person spots I have available.

We are looking for Breakthroughs ~NOT~ cures. These consults are geared towards clarity and liberation – not to make symptoms and behaviors disappear.

Anything you express is strictly confidential and will never be repeated or shared with anyone else. I will not be taking notes unless you request I do so to send to you afterwards.

Upon booking your session, you will be prompted to write a short synapse of what you’re struggling with so that I might prepare myself for our session.  No pressure if you feel the need to change topics once the session has begun.  This is more for people who are already clear on what they’d like to address.

My role can be that of facilitator, listener, coach, or educator, depending on what you are needing.  No matter what, my heart will be wide open to those that are seeking my support.

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