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Lab tests were a real game changer for me and they may be for you too.


Although I don’t believe it’s absolutely necessary for everyone, it can definitely make a huge difference if you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle, yet still suffer from symptoms. I have seen myself and countless others self-diagnose themselves erroneously and then spend months, if not years, struggling to heal a misunderstood illness.

Labs can save us from wasting time and money which may otherwise be spent troubleshooting in the dark and give us the reassurance that our symptoms are not “all in our head.”

There’s a lot that we can do before we turn to labs – depending on where you are in your health journey. But I want to make sure that I’m offering my clients the resources to make our work together as valuable as possible.

I find that many doctors don’t run routine comprehensive (i.e. functional) blood work unless asked, but most are happy to order a variety of tests to get a snapshot of your general health if you ask them to.

And if you don’t have a doctor who is willing to run labs for you, there are options for ordering your own labs and paying out of pocket (unless you live in a few specific states like NY, NJ, and RI).

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of recommended blood tests that anyone who wants to monitor their health might be interested in getting done, and give a brief explanation as to why a person might want to know those particular values.

If you want to know more about which tests would be important for your particular needs, consider working with me one-on-one so we can personalize your plan.

**Remember, none of this is individualized advice and must not replace the advice you get from your doctor. Please use this information for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition.**



Panel Comprehensive Metabolic – provides an overall picture of your body’s chemical balance and metabolism.

Lipid Profile – gives an overall picture of cardiac risk and can help determine if dietary changes are necessary, includes:
-Total cholesterol
-HDL and LDL
-If History of Heart Disease: NMR profile, ApoB

C-Reactive protein (hsCRP) – one measure of general inflammation, if high can indicate possible autoimmune disorder, infection, and/or need for diet change

Blood Sugar Profile – gives an overall picture of the body’s use of glucose, may indicate a need to change dietary carbohydrate intake (either increase or decrease)
Fasting glucose
Hemoglobin A1c
-If Blood Sugar is an issue: Fasting Insulin

Thyroid Panel – helps evaluate thyroid gland function and diagnose thyroid disorders
-TSH – “Functional” range is between 1.0-2.0
-Free T3 & Free T4
-Reverse T3 – if high, can explain thyroid symptoms when TSH and free T3 are normal
-If Hashimoto’s is a concern: Thyroid auto-antibodies (TPO, thyroglobulin)

Vitamin D – I consider the optimal range to be between 30-50 ng/mL, though there is some controversy here. Low vitamin D levels are often found in patients with autoimmune disease, poor immune function, bone disorders, and mental health issues.

Complete Blood Count – includes iron, ferritin, transferrin saturation %, and information about the size and color of the red blood cells. Can identify anemia, infection, elevated immune activity, B12 deficiency, and/or iron storage diseases

Vitamin B12 and Folate Panel – Can help diagnose a nutritional cause of anemia or neuropathy, may indicate need for diet/supplement changes, may be related to methylation defect such as MTHFR


Those are my basic recommendations! These are generally the labs I ask my patients to have done before their appointments with me, and I personally ask for these when I have my annual(ish) checkups.

If your doctor will not order these tests for you, most people can order tests online if they are willing to pay out of pocket. This is the website that I most commonly send patients to if they’d prefer to order their own labs. (Note: some states have different rules about ordering your own labs.)

This is another company which offers a whole host of diagnostic tests to be ordered either by an individual or by a patient. You can order your own tests through this company anytime, yet it is more recommended that you have me order your tests for you and then pay me directly for them since I am partnered with them and can get you 20% off on all tests ordered.

This company offers a much wider range of medical tests – some simple and cheap and others a bit fmore complex and pricey – all depending on what you are struggling with and what might be best.

I highly recommend that you browse the site, read more about how it is run and the many tests offered, and then send me any questions you have!


This is some of the most exciting new tests for looking at how our diet and lifestyle choices are directly impacting our CELLS!  Reasonably priced (for what it’s offering!) and easy to do at home, testing our telomeres will tell us how quickly we are aging ourselves on a biological level.  As I’m sure most people have noticed, not all people age the same.  Sure, simple genetic inheritance can play a role in this…. however, studies in epigenetics now prove that our CHOICES determine how quickly we age, and now thanks to Teloyears testing, we can actually see what our biological age is and make the changes to slow down the aging process.  If it fits our goals, I encourage some of my clients to get this test at the beginning our our work together….. and then again towards the end of our 6 months to see how much real healing has taken place!




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