Health is everything.

My Signature Coaching Package

A weekly deep-dive into your health and personal growth — created specifically for women struggling with food sensitivities, disorderly eating patterns, and health-related body dysmorphia. Three months’ commitment required.

Are you ready to eat for sanity, pleasure, and health?  If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place.

I created this program to honor the struggle so many of us go through with food and our bodies … and to shorten your healing time.

This program begins by helping you get clear.
The only way to move forward is to hit pause, and get clear on where you’re currently at with your health.
We’ll go over your full health history and discuss what you’ve already tried without desired results.  This can include past fad diets, doctor’s visits, medications taken, binging or restricting foods, various forms of therapy, or use of addictive substances.
This isn’t about shame, guilt, rights, or wrongs — this is about looking at what we don’t want so we can get to what we do want.
Once we’ve gotten clear on your history, current patterns, and symptoms, we can be real with how we’d like to frame our time together. Then we outline a plan — which can be open-ended or a set amount of sessions.
Where we begin our program is personally tailored to each body and circumstances.
Regardless of what we start working on first, my She Eats package is built to evolve into a dynamic journey addressing dietary, lifestyle, and psychological long-term changes.

Ready for Some 1:1?


My Coaching Layout


We meet every week at the same time, unless agreed otherwise. Designed for ongoing weekly support with 3-month commitment.


Our first session will be 90-120 minutes as we lay the foundations for our work together.


All sessions are done via skype or phone, as my brand is purely digital in order to touch a larger audience.

Throughout our work together, We’ll focus on these key concepts – beginning with the foundations and dialing in more and more in each session:


Our success and struggles in any area of life — especially health! — can be broken down into our daily habits. This is where we’ll look at our day-to-day schedules, habits, obstacles, and the values we live by. We’ll outline ways to change what isn’t working or aligning with our needs and values. 

Inner Child Integration

No matter what age we are or how mature and professional we may be, we still have an inner child inside us. I see the integration of this child as essential to healing for these reasons: she’s been through it all with you and remembers things your adult self doesn’t have time to think about, she’s resilient AF and is a constantly resourcing herself for you when shit gets tough, she’s unconditionally loving and won’t abandaon you, she’s the source of your greatest character strengths AND the wounds holding you back, and… she’s much more fun to work with than adults!

Animal-based nutrition and Amino Acid Therapy

Everything we currently and have been eating plays a role in our biochemistry, mood stability, and cravings. 

In order to heal our bodies and lives, we need to remove trigger foods and address imbalances with targeted amino acids, protein, and fat. 

This requires patience and willingness to make hard changes.  I will provide as much assistance as I can and encourage self-compassion and flexibility along the way. We can feel immediate relief if we remove the right trigger foods and increase protein and fat.

Applying an Evolutionary & Ancestral Lens

Understanding more of our species’ history has been a big game changer in my own health and growth. 

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution and I also believe that nothing in psychology or human behavior makes sense without this lens either.   

Understanding some basic ancestral and evolutionary principals and adopting them to our framework of life can be empowering AF.  It gives us permission to accept ourselves fully and to accept that we feel and behave in the ways that we do for a reason. 

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition means that everyone’s biochemistry and genetic makeup needs specific foods in order to thrive and it involves the practice of considering every aspect of one’s health, diet, and overall lifestyle when providing nutrition recommendations.

My approach to Functional Nutrition is an ancestral one.  From the ancestral angle, chronic disease and addiction result from a discordance between our modern diets/lifestyles and what our genes actually require for optimal functioning. This involves understanding ourselves as animals, first and foremost — even if sophisticated ones. It requires we consider our genes, ancestry, health history, emotional makeup, addictions, current lifestyle & diets, relationships, connection to the natural world, and Inner-child needs. It involves choosing to eat the foods which cater to our greatest gene expression and highest sanity. This includes foods closest to what humans have eaten for the longest period of our existence while taking into account the differences in our modern food options. I emphasize the consumption of local, organic, whole, and wild as often as possible and place great emphasis on healthy fats and nose to tail animal consumption. In our modern culture, our diets don’t cater to biological sanity, normal appetite regulation, and optimal gene expression… but to various addictions and biochemical imbalances.  I’ll help you navigate through the emotional obstacles, misinformation, and questions which arise when we initiate dietary changes.  And of course, I’ll cheer you on as you get stronger in your choices.

My primary focus is applying Functional Nutrition to address the emotional, psychological, and biochemical roots of chronic diet-related illness in women, looking at:

Dietary nutrient-density
Mood Regulation through Amino Acid therapy
Healing Disorderly Eating with animal-based eating
Bio-availability of nutrients for optimal healing
Circadian rhythm entrainment & HPA-regulation (stress/rest hormones)
Blood-sugar management & awareness
Elimination diets
Autoimmunity support & understanding
Gut-brain connection
Lifestyle Redesign
Self-love, Unconditionally.

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